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Stay at home orders have been in full force in my state, and we’ve been simultaneously busy, while also having extra downtime to do things we normally don’t have time for. Is anyone else feeling this conundrum? We’re now spending our extra free time finding things to do that fun, productive, community-oriented, or all of the above.. like eating freshly baked artisan bread.

Stay Home Eat Bread
Avocado, Tuna Salad, and Egg on Kabocha Turmeric Sourdough Toast

No need to wait in line and drive to pick up from bakery shops when you can order handmade sourdough freshly baked and delivered to your door steps. In the past couple of weeks, YH Sourdough in Pasadena has been making the most amazing breads that just scream comfort food. And let me tell you, it’s been absolutely life-changing. Between trying unique flavors, like kabocha turmeric sourdough, to knowing how much love goes into baking these loafs (in her 60 year old oven!), it’s definitely something I look forward to every week.

There’s no better time to support local small businesses, even if it means simply spreading the word. Before the safer at home orders were in place in my city, I was focusing a lot of my business on commercial photography for businesses who needed professional shots taken of their products, so I figured what better time than now to help out other small businesses with their visual content, while also getting to try yummy food!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and you’re simply tired of cooking at home, check out YH Sourdough’s Instagram. Be forewarned, you’ll get hungry scrolling through!

WEEKLY FAVORITES is a fun series I will be starting to highlight things I currently love, in hopes that you will find it helpful or at the very least entertaining with all this extra time at home.

Stay Home Eat Bread
Stay Home Eat Bread
Stay Home Eat Bread
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