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Where to go for your next outdoor photoshoot in Pasadena?

If you’re in search of an outdoor location for your next family and headshot photography in Pasadena, you’re in luck! I’ve gathered my personal favorite spots just for you. Keep reading to discover some of the most Instagram-worthy locations for your next photoshoot in Pasadena!

Pasadena and South Pasadena in the San Gabriel Valley have an abundance of incredible locations to elevate headshot photography or family photography experience. For a touch of history, the Pasadena City Hall stands out as an architectural marvel, offering a magnificent backdrop for capturing timeless moments. South Pasadena is well-known for its historic arts and crafts buildings so it’s no wonder Hollywood loves showcasing this charming city in films like La La Land. 

Colorado Street Bridge

You might be surprised to learn that you’ve likely come across this iconic bridge countless times without even realizing it. With its appearances in numerous movies and TV shows, it has become quite a recognizable landmark. Personally, I vividly remember it from a scene in the beloved film, La La Land! And here’s an exciting bonus: the Colorado Street Bridge is conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the downtown area of Old Pasadena.

Old Town Pasadena

If you’re looking to add a touch of historic and urban charm to your next photoshoot session, Old Town Pasadena is a fantastic option to consider.

The photo on the right showcases how the centuries-old brick alleys and charming window cutouts provided the perfect backdrop to beautifully complement my client’s incredible sense of style.

Why Family and Headshot Photography?

Family and headshot photography is about carefully crafting and capturing the moments of milestones in a way that beautifully tells your story. 

Shinkfield Studio & Design specializes in family and headshot photography. We are located in San Marino for all your family, headshot, commercial, product, and interior needs.

Above all, documenting family portraits is our obsession! We work primarily with busy moms who believe in the beauty and artistry of tangible heirlooms. Our clients love the bespoke details in our photography experience. In addition to documenting clients in our San Marino studio, we also adore capturing kids being kids in the great outdoors, creating more lifestyle images that are filled with fun and family connection!

家庭攝影是精心製作和捕捉里程碑時刻,以美麗的方式講述家庭的真實故事。 我們是聖瑪利諾的專業家庭攝影師,專門拍攝兒童和全家福。我們喜歡捕捉小家庭和多代人的美麗,無論是在我們的工作室、客戶的家中還是在外景。 最重要的是,記錄全家福是我們的迷戀!我們主要與忙碌的媽媽們合作,她們相信有形傳家寶的美麗和藝術性。我們的客戶喜歡我們攝影體驗中的客製化細節。除了在我們的聖馬力諾工作室之外,我們還喜歡捕捉孩子們在戶外的生活,創造更多充滿樂趣和家庭聯繫的生活方式圖像!


Where to go for your next outdoor photoshoot in Pasadena?