Hi, I’m Sandra

I became passionate about photography ever since my Dad gave me his Canon QL film camera when I was 17. My fond memories as a kid involved in scrapbooking printed photographs and sorting through film slides. Nothing beats holding a photograph.

I live in Los Angeles with my left-brained other half, Jeremy, our daughter, and our furbabies Oliver and Charlie.

I have an insatiable affinity for mid-century modern and French farmhouse architecture. Oh and I probably love potato chips way more than your average gal.

My Promise

Family is everything… especially right now. Your family has a story. I love creating photos to remind moms that in spite of the fact that the sink is filled with dishes and you are in a permanent state of exhaustion, your love and your story are forever.

My promise is to give you the best possible portrait experience from the moment we first get in touch to hanging those beautiful pieces of art in your home and sharing them with family.

The portraits and collections are designed to look good now AND be able to move throughout your home as we add to your family art collection over time. This is what makes me your lifelong family photographer.

The Studio

Welcome to my haven. The studio is based in San Marino, CA. It’s tranquil, spacious, airy, bright and styled in French Farmhouse charm.

The studio has huge 1920’s North and East facing windows. They provide etherial light throughout the day. The most beautiful things in my studio are the hand-painted canvas backdrops. Each tailored canvas brings gorgeous depth and dimension to photographs that are distinctively me.

I’m also available to come to your home or meet on location. Whatever your vision is, I will help you achieve it.

“It was truly a treat”

I absolutely loved working with Sandra. Her energy, thoughtfulness, and vision shone from beginning to end. We didn’t just spend a morning together, it was a whole process of collaborating on what I wanted from the finished product, what to wear, and every other detail I could never have foreseen. It was truly a treat to spend that time putting myself and my family in her spotlight, and the resulting photos blew me away. 

I’ll cherish those moments in time forever.


Contact Sandra

I look forward to hear from you and discuss your portraiture needs! Send me an email so we can chat about setting up a complimentary consultation and a studio tour!

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