Your Moments in
Beautiful Photographs

The big day is coming up! It’s your day to be a model, a princess, a Goddess. But picking out what to wear on such a big day can be quite stressful and sometimes even difficult. But don’t fret because I’m here to help! Here are seven things to consider when deciding what to wear.


Depending on the direction you want to go with the image, the color of your clothes might make a huge difference. If you’re looking for something that make a bold statement aim for darker clothes like navy blue or black, maybe even a red. Lighter, ethereal colors will give you more of a soft and natural look bringing in a lot of light to the photo.


In any photo it’s always best to wear clothes that fit your body and who knows that better than you. Hugging your curves in the right clothes gives photographers the chance to flaunt what you got! Always opt for a tighter top and a looser maybe even flowing bottom. Flowy tops might look good in the mirror, but through the camera, they are not always the most flattering. For all the guys out there, know what fits best and wear it. The best clothes fit true to the shape of your body.


Flattering your arms is key to loving the person you see in the photo. If you find that your arms are consistently troubling you, opt out of the shorter sleeves that draw attention to your upper arm, also known as the widest part of your arm. A ¾ or long sleeve accentuates the length of your arms and always captures well. If you’re looking to show a bit more skin, maybe choose an off the shoulder top or drape a scarf over a strapless top.



In order to create some variety in your images, choose multiple necklines. Show off your collarbones & shoulders and stray away from the basic crew neck in order to enhance the images. Off the shoulder tops or sweetheart necklines never seem to do wrong. Depending on the mood of the shoot however, you might decide on a particular neckline. When shooting professional branding headshots, a square neck is always good to evoke a powerful look.

Under Garments

Remember that what’s underneath counts too! When wearing dark colors, a black or dark bra strap will look best, but when in white make sure to be wearing a nude colored bra. For specific dresses the same might apply as there could be sheer materials coming into play. Always make sure to wear nude underwear when wearing white pants or skirts. Certain tops might also call for strapless or plunging bras as well.


Never come into the studio without having tried on the outfits previously. Ensure that each outfit and article of clothing fits properly and is ready to be photographed.

Personal Style

Last but not least, it’s so important to make sure that the outfits you choose are true to your personal style. While the are some exceptions to being put into a more extravagant look, it still says something when you can tell that the person is comfortable in what they’re wearing. Start wearing the dress and don’t let it wear you.