Your Moments in
Beautiful Photographs

You’re days away from your professional photo shoot and you’ve got makeup and hair covered, but what should you do to prepare for that? Here are 10 tips from your photographer and hair and makeup artist that will help you prepare before your ultimate headshot session.

  1. Exfoliate your body – whether you use a scrub or dry brush, make sure to exfoliate
  2. Clean up your jewelry – in order to achieve the ultimate shine in photos
  3. Wax body & facial hair – be sure to stay moisturized post-wax
  4. Get a gel manicure – stick to neutrals and natural colors
  5. Touch up roots – whether it be grey hairs or dark roots growing out, touch them up
  6. Stay hydrated & drink water– this should be an everyday thing
  7. Get some beauty sleep – prep your skin over night with an eye cream
  8. Avoid spray tans & fake tans – if you wear a watch, take it off in the sun to avoid tan line
  9. Pick out & organize your outfits – iron or steam out wrinkle
  10. Come into the studio with a clean and moisturized face and body

With a ton of ways to prepare before your headshot session, avoid getting stressed and maybe even treat yourself to a massage beforehand. Don’t worry about hair and makeup because we’ve got you covered. Be prepared to come into the studio and be the cover girl you always knew you were.